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The Spread Eagle Hotel is a very popular venue for Funerals and Wakes, simply because we are highly skilled and experienced in these matters. We instinctively know when to step up and take care of things; balancing emphaty with sensitivity - whilist remaining as inconspicious as possible during what is after all, a very personal and emotional gathering.

So, when the time comes for you to say goodbyes, to recognise and celebrate the life of someone dear to you, allow us to guide you through this difficult time, so you can focus on sending them off in style with the love and respect they deserve.

Fothergill Hall, Augustus John Room and Cockpit

We can accommodate gatherings of varying sizes and for up to 200 guests; be it small and intimate or for larger numbers and the layout can be organised just the way you'd like it.

A simple table with the pictures of your loved one, a CD with their favorite music playing in the background or their favorite dessert served to all those paying their final respects. It is these touches, these thoughts that we feel add a personal touch, makes us different  from other venues. We care about you and your family, our skilled, professional and dedicated team are on hand for you throughout.

There are many style of Wakes. Some people like to celebrate  with a 'Big knees up' with all of their family and friends, others like a quieter affair for those to pay their respects. Outr expert team will listen to you requirements and assist you thoroughout.

We are here to help you and your family at this difficult time. 

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